WIZO in the press


WIZO in the press

During the 2019 WIZO Meeting of Representatives (MOR), Israel's Channel 20 news sat down with several of WIZO's global leaders to discuss violence towards women in Israel and other burning issues.

The following is an excerpt from Greef Fay Cashman's Jerusalem Post Grapevine column on the 2019 WIZO Meeting of Representatives (MOR).

In advance of the 2019 Meeting of Representatives (MOR), four international WIZO federation presidents were interviewed for an article in the Jerusalem Post Magazine and discussed such burning issues as Israel-Diaspora relations and the future of Jewish communities in the Diaspora.

Following the recent protests against the murder of women by their partners, men are starting to seek help. Over the last three weeks, 150 men called WIZO’s helpline for men seeking to free themselves from the cycle of domestic violence, a great increase compared to the monthly average of 45

NowThis, the #1 most watched video news creator on social media, created a video summary of WIZO's domestic violence protest march in Tel Aviv on December 4th

The crucial meeting, held at the Preseident's residence, focused on eradicating violence against women

An intimate look at how WIZO changes the lives of students living at CHW Hadassim, WIZO's award-winning youth village

On the annual Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, YNET News reports on WIZO's annual domestic violence study

i24 news reports on WIZO's annual domestic violence study showing that 30% more women were murdered in Israel this year