Neve Nof (LOD)

Day Care Center (3 classes)

The Neve Noff Day Care Center serves a diverse population of Ethiopian, secular and religious Jewish, Christian and Muslim  families. It is situated in an impoverished area of Lod where crime, drug addiction and delinquency is rife. Over 80% of the babies and toddlers at the Neve Noff Day Care Center are referred by the welfare services. Some of the  children at the day care center are on the autistic spectrum, and some of them have suffered the after effects of having been born with narcotic withdrawal syndrome. The day care center  provides a comprehensive service that includes motor-sensory and child psychology and is served by a team of social workers and therapists that work with both the children and their parents to provide support and enrichment. At the day care center, the children are provided with all the nurturing and nutrition they need to thrive and to close social gaps.

Neve Nof



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