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Bringing the "Joy" Back to Rina

September 10, 2018
Bringing the "Joy" Back to Rina

Rina, whose name means "joy", is one of eight children in an Ethiopian family. She came to the WIZO Compehensive Day Care Center a year ago, after her mother abandoned her family due to being violently abused by Rina’s father who was subsequently imprisioned. The grandparents care for the younger children and the five older children have been placed in foster care.

From the first day Rina stood out from the other children. She never smiled or laughed and always looked sad. At the tender age of three, she was diagnosed with severe depression. WIZO’s Comprehensive Day Care centers provide the physical, emotional and therapeutic support that each child and their family needs to overcome their challenges. Soon Rina began meeting with the psychologist weekly to help her overcome the loss of her mother and deal with the family violence. Slowly, Rina began to improve and participate in activities with the other children. Rina’s mother recently contacted the welfare authorities and requested to see her child. Counseling for both the mother and Rina is provided by the psychologist and social worker and the slow process of rebuilding their relationship and overcoming the violence has begun.

Thanks to the loving support that Rina and her mother receive at the Comprehensive Day Care Center, Rina is no longer consumed with grief, but is being transformed into a happy loving little girl.

(Names changed to preserve anonymity) 

(Photo for illustration purposes only)