President Ann Wardi
Chairman Ann Wardi


WIZO Finland was established already 1924 in Viborg (which after the war became part of Russia), 1926 in Helsinki and 1946 in Turku. The federations in Helsinki and Turku are still active. Wizo Finland is probably the only federation in Europe that was active without interruption throughout the WWII.


Our mission is to collect funds for our project , the DCC Shaviv in Herzliya, Israel. We have yearly fundraising functions , functions for members of our Sponsor a child program and gatherings for our members only.
We work to promote Jewish values and knowledge about Israel on Forums both in Finland and sometimes together with Sweden and Danemark in the Nordic countries.

Our Priorities

  • Bar/Bat Mitzva

    In 2014 we took part in this beautiful project.

  • Shaviv DCC

    Shaviv DCC is a Daycare Center for 83 children between 6 months and 3 years in a neighborhood in Herzeliya