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President Jana Falic
Tel: +305-861-8860
Chairman Mercedes Ivcher
mail: info@wizofl.org


Established in 1982, WIZO USA is an organization whose primary focus is to support and fund its WIZO projects in Israel. Today, WIZO has chapters in New York, Florida, California, Georgia and Texas with over 15,000 donors.


Wizo USA promotes and enhances the bonds between American Jewry and the State of Israel through efforts to improve social service programs and educational facilities for babies, children, youth, women and the elderly in Israel.

"To me, WIZO means family. A family of over 280,000 talented and committed volunteers from all over the world, whose hard work enables us to improve the lives of the children and families in Israel. These volunteers are my sisters and together we are caring for the same causes and ideals; Eretz Israel, Medinat Israel, and Am Israel. In each soldier I see walking down the street, I see my son. In every child who enters a WIZO Day Care Center, I see my children and my grandchildren. With each and every person who benefits from one of over 800 WIZO programs, my heart fills with joy and pride. I am honored to be a part of such a large and meaningful family and feel blessed to be able to enhance the lives of my WIZO family." Jana Falic, President
Jana Falic

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