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Dr. Millie Phillips, 1929-2021.

The worldwide WIZO family mourns the passing of Dr. Millie Phillips, 92, from Sydney, Australia, a generous supporter of WIZO, Israel and of Jewish life in Australia.

July 26, 2021
Dr. Millie Phillips, 1929-2021.

Photo: Australian Jewish News

Born in Poland in 1929, Phillips escaped Nazism and came to Australia in 1938, where she became one of Australia's most successful businesswomen and philanthropists.

In 2018, Millie made a magnificent gift to WIZO for the establishment of the Dr. Millie Phillips School of Life at WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim, a therapeutic and post-hospitalization residential school in Haifa, and a flagship project of WIZO Australia.

Millie Phillips School of Life 500x370

The Dr. Millie Phillips School of Life, WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim, Haifa

Anat Vidor, a member of the World WIZO Executive and former president of WIZO Sydney, who was very close to Millie: "When Millie donated she never asked when, why or where. All she asked was 'how much do you need to save those children?' Millie wanted people to know about the Jewish people and the miraculous State of Israel, and if there was a megaphone that could be heard around the world, to announce the contribution Israel made to the world, Millie would have spent her entire fortune to buy it."

World WIZO president Esther Mor and chairperson Anita Friedman wrote to Millie's family: "Although your mother was unable to visit Ahuzat Yeladim to see just how beneficial her generosity was, the impact on the children is immeasurable. She ensured that disadvantaged youth would receive the academic and emotional help they needed, giving them a second chance to succeed in life. Her passion for helping those in need and her love of Israel was admired by WIZO and we will continue to carry on her legacy."

Anat: "Millie was a dear friend and mentor – a woman I worshipped. Despite the 40 years that separated us, the times we spent together were some of the funniest times I had. Farewell Millie. You are part of my heart."

Millie Phillips1 500x370

Dr. Millie Phillips (left), Paulette Cherney, President, WIZO Australia

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