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Blaire Cohen

Blaire Cohen

I have always wanted to live in Israel, learn Hebrew, and make a stronger connection to our Jewish homeland. After four years of teaching elementary school in Washington, DC I knew I wanted to make a change professionally. It was the perfect time to take a chance, move to Israel and explore something new.

I am so fortunate that I found WIZO, and the World WIZO Fundraising team. Over the past 5 months, I have learned the intricacies of WIZO, and the profound impact on Israeli society. The most inspiring part of my internship was seeing all of the hard work realized while on site visits.

One of these visits was at WIZO Pardes Katz, an after school program for Ethiopian students. I was blown away by the tireless work of Rachelle Mongoli and her volunteers. The Ethiopian students she works with come from extremely economic disadvantaged backgrounds, however you would never know by looking at the children's faces. They were beaming with happiness, working hard on homework, giggling with their friends, and showing off their academic achievements. This after-school center is changing the trajectory of future generations of Israel.

I will forever be grateful to WIZO for showing me the world of non-profit fundraising, opening my heart to Israel, and making me a WIZO woman for life! 

Blaire Cohen - New Jersey, USA