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Creating WIZO Women for Life

Creating WIZO Women for Life

One way World WIZO inspires young women from around the world is through the volunteer internship program in Tel Aviv.

During the summer of 2016, Phoebe Zirin-Hyman, from New Jersey, interned at World WIZO while on a 8-week summer internship program. While interning in the Fundraising Division, Phoebe worked on a variety of exciting projects ranging from educational to renovations. Phoebe could not get enough of Israeli life, so she decided to come back to Israel for a semester at Tel Aviv University. Being in Tel Aviv, she couldn't wait to come visit WIZO!

What a wonderful surprise bumping into Blaire Cohen, also from New Jersey, currently interning in the Fundraising Division. Coincidentally, Phoebe and Blaire went to the same Jewish sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania for many years. The pair enjoyed catching up at the World WIZO offices, and spoke about their rewarding experiences while interning at WIZO. These young women will become WIZO women for life.