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Daniela Goldberger

Daniela Goldberger

My name is Daniela Goldberger, I'm from New Jersey and I am a rising junior at The University of Miami. For 8 years of my life, I attended a private Jewish day school where I learned Hebrew, learned about Israel, and learned about my Judaism. I grew up having a strong connection to Israel and pride in being Jewish, believing that it is my responsibility to support and love Israel. My first trip to Israel was in 2011 in which I completely fell in love with the country. Since then, I have been to Israel in 2013 on a family trip, 2015 on The March of the Living, and 2016 on Birthright. After all of these differing experiences, I knew I had to return for more than just a quick 2 weeks.

Participating in Onward Israel through the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, gave me the opportunity to spend 8 weeks living in Tel Aviv and working for WIZO. At WIZO, I interned in the Fundraising Department, helping Annette Crandell write grant proposals to support WIZO projects. I was even lucky enough to visit a WIZO Youth Village, WIZO Day Care Center, and attend a Mini Mor. These experiences have opened my eyes and have showed me how significant WIZO's work is in day-to-day life.

WIZO has taught me endless skills regarding working and living in Israel as a Jewish woman. I am forever grateful to have had the experience to intern at WIZO for the summer. My time in Tel Aviv may be over, but my experiences will carry on to the United States and my connection with WIZO will remain.

Daniela Goldberger- New Jersey, USA