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Emma Pearlman

Emma Pearlman

Prior to my arrival in January, I had been to Israel just once before. So, when I signed up for a 5-month long MASA Israel program, I was not quite sure what to expect. My particular program has around 45 participants. Although we all work in different internships, we all live together in Tel Aviv and have trips and activities together. Tel Aviv is such a fun and vibrant city; I have absolutely loved living here.

Working at World WIZO in the Fundraising Division has been a fantastic experience. In addition to working in the office and learning how WIZO's projects and centers operate, I have also been lucky enough to go on many site visits to WIZO projects, including the WIZO Nachlat Yehdua Youth Village, the Beit Hakerem Secondary Vocational School and of course the lovely WIZO day care center I volunteered at on Good Deeds Day.

These visits allowed me to see what life is like outside of the "Tel Aviv bubble" as well as to see other places in Israel aside from the various trips that MASA organized for our program. I now have a better understanding of what it is like for many people living in Israel and I have a huge appreciation for the work that WIZO does for infants, children, youth, women, seniors, and families all over Israel.

Now as I reach the end of my time here in Israel, I can take a moment to reflect on the great experience it has been. It has been four great months that I will always cherish in my heart. I will miss Israel a lot. I am returning to the UK feeling very much a part of WIZO. It is a wonderful organization, one that I will stay connected to as I return home to complete my final year of studies at Leeds University.

Thank you, WIZO!

Emma Pearlman - Essex, UK