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Joelle Mintzberg

Joelle Mintzberg

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, I knew that I wanted to gain stimulating post-graduate professional experience by volunteering and living in Israel. I came to Israel on a five month program called Career Israel where I was hired as an intern at Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO). Interning as part of World WIZO’s Fundraising Department provided me with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience from professionals and board members while volunteering for one of Israel’s largest and most successful not-for-profit organizations.

The four month internship was a rewarding experience. I worked with the entire fundraising department, becoming educated and involved with the work they did each day.

The work atmosphere was dynamic and exciting and there was never a dull moment! During my internship I gained experience learning the organizational details of this large non-profit organization. The focal project I worked on during my internship was the creation of a promotional booklet showcasing WIZO USA’s many successful projects existing in Israel. This project proved to be rewarding as it proved to be a great fundraising and promotional tool for WIZO USA. All of the work I did which also included attending many unique WIZO events and sites provided me with a clear understanding of the importance of WIZO and the large difference WIZO makes in the lives of Israeli’s everywhere.
A very special part of WIZO for me was being immersed and working directly towards the organization’s strong and fulfilling mission statement – to improve Israeli society, with an acute focus on the betterment of women, children and the elderly support and status in Israel. After being engaged in the WIZO culture for a few months, I felt motivated to expose the efforts of the organization to young professionals; thus, I planned a trip for MASA participants to visit WIZO Hadassim, a truly inspiring Youth Village located outside of Netanya. The visit proved to be successful as the participants also quickly became interested in the wellbeing of WIZO.
After such a great experience at WIZO, I am very interested in working in the non-profit Jewish community in the near future when I return to Vancouver, Canada. I look forward to allowing this internship to give me opportunities in this field. As I return to Canada and look back on my memories of Israel, I will always cherish my time spent volunteering at WIZO. WIZO is a truly remarkable and inspiring organization and has much to be proud of!

Joelle Mintzberg - Toronto, Canada