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Marion Argi

Marion Argi

I have always wanted to live in Israel, volunteer and learn some Hebrew; I felt like it was part of my responsibility as a Jew to contribute to Israel’s society. Finally, this year, I had the opportunity to come over for a few months and realize my project. Being the daughter of the WIZO Swiss President, I knew a lot about WIZO’s work and projects around Israel.
Coming to Israel and volunteering in the World Office gave me a new perspective about the amazing job done by women all around the world. It made me realize that the Jewish communities around the world are here to support the women and children in Israel and help them get a brighter future.
I came many times to Israel as a tourist, but living the real “Tel Avivian” life was a completely different experience and I loved it. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming. I found in Israel a unique sense of support and unity between people that I have never witnessed anywhere else. One will always have a home for a Shabbat diner or to light the candles for Hannuka.

Those two months volunteering for the Fundraising Department have been very exciting and enriching. There are so many things that need to be done, and the great thing about being in Israel and working for WIZO there is that we have the opportunity to visit the different WIZO youth villages and day care centers. We can meet with all the children and youths who benefit from WIZO, as well as the very dedicated directors and workers from the different centers. They all do an incredible job and we really have to thank them for that. It is so motivating to meet with all these people and makes us want to work even harder to provide for those children in need; they rely on us.
There is a great atmosphere in the office. I had the chance to work with another intern, Heather, who became a very close friend of mine. The team in the fundraising department has been so welcoming and I had such a good time with all of them. Thank you!!
I can only encourage everyone who wants to have a great experience to come to Israel, even if just for a few weeks. During these two and a half months, I have learned about Israel and Israelis, some Hebrew, and made friends for life!


Marion Argi-Switzerland