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Michelle Glazer

Michelle Glazer

This past summer, I had the privilege of interning at World WIZO in the Fundraising Division.  My Onward Internship Coordinator introduced me to this organization in the spring. A few days later, I interviewed with Annette Crandell, the Deputy Director of the World WIZO Fundraising Division. Afterwards, I knew that this was an organization that I had to become a part of.  I love that WIZO is dedicated to supporting women, children, and the elderly in Israel and throughout the world. 

I was welcomed with open arms, enthusiasm, and warm smiles on my first day at the office. The office is filled with excitement, passion, and dedication that the staff has for the organization. I was also introduced to the project book that lists the hundreds of projects that WIZO supports throughout Israel. These include youth villages, schools, day care centers, and more. WIZO is filled with positive energy that is all aimed towards the same goal.  

During my time at WIZO, I created proposals, picture reports, letters and much more. These proposals and improvement reports gave me the opportunity to learn about the numerous youth villages and day care centers that WIZO provides for women and children throughout Israel. Additionally, I had the opportunity to visit a WIZO Day Care Center in Tel Aviv. This allowed me to see directly the positive impact WIZO has on children in the community.

I was in Israel during Operation Protective Edge, a very special time. I was able to see on a deeper level and experience in a different atmosphere how WIZO saves thousands of lives. WIZO began an emergency campaign, where hundreds of WIZO federations throughout the world came together and raised thousands of dollars. I have now experienced the value of running an emergency campaign. WIZO truly saves lives and is an integral part of the Israeli society and the Jewish world.  

I am extremely thankful for this wonderful opportunity. I am very happy that I volunteered my time in this significant organization. It has brought me joy knowing that I made an impact on women and children throughout Israel. I look forward to strengthening my WIZO bond when I return home to America.


Michelle Glazer-USA