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Natalie Cohen

Natalie Cohen

I volunteered as an intern in the World WIZO Fundraising Department for one month while vacationing in Tel Aviv. The minute I landed in Israel I knew I wanted something more of my trip. I soon found an ad that WIZO was looking for a volunteer in their headquarters in Tel Aviv. I got really excited and emailed right away inquiring about the position. The next morning I was at the office working.
A couple of months ago I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree and Psychology and History, not sure of what to do next WIZO gave me the opportunity to observe and participate in the field of non-profit organizations. Seeing first hand the WIZO projects, gave me a new idea about this organization. I got to witness what WIZO really stands for.

Not only did I gain valuable work experience but I got to understand much more about the Israeli society. The environment at the office was always so welcoming and comfortable, that it was a pleasure coming to work every morning.
Coming from Mexico and now living in the USA, living in Tel Aviv and volunteering at WIZO gave me a different perspective on life. This is the first time I didn't feel like a tourist in Israel; I had the chance to improve my Hebrew and to be a part of the Israeli society. It was a wonderful experience full of great memories that I will always cherish. I want to thank everyone at the office for making this month such a significant time in my life.

Natalie Cohen-Florida, USA