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Paola Forman

Paola Forman

Volunteering at WIZO has been my last, and arguably best, experience in Israel. As a participant in the Macabbi Bekeff Program for Latin Americans, I have spent more than nine months in Israel- working at a kibbutz, serving in the army, scuba diving in Eilat for a month, and finally, living in Tel Aviv and volunteering at WIZO for three months.  I was drawn to join WIZO as a volunteer because my mother is very active in WIZO’s Colombia chapter. I came to WIZO’s International Office already aware of the hard work and amazing dedication that goes into WIZO.  Immediately, I was put to work. At the time, the office was in the midst of preparing for the EGM conference, so there was much need for help. I was treated as an equal employee, and given the responsibility of preparing the presentation for Esther Mor’s EGM speech.  Also, as the office’s first South American volunteer, I was given the task of translating the whole WIZO website into Spanish. Not only did I get to contribute in a very real way, I got to do so for a cause that is close to my heart. 

Volunteering at WIZO is a new adventure every day. The office dynamic is quick and exciting, and there is always something to be done. Yet, despite the fact that the women are impossibly busy, there is always time for a cup of coffee and laughter. Here, I have developed very close relationships that have made my time in Israel more meaningful. In the near future, I will be moving to Vienna, where I hope to continue volunteering at WIZO. I would like to thank Esther, Mickey, Annette, Mali, Monique, and all of the volunteers at the WIZO office for making my time here so wonderful.


Paola Furman-Columbia