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Samantha Mendlow

Samantha Mendlow


When I first heard about the opportunity to be an intern at the World WIZO headquarters in their Fundraising Division I was ecstatic. I immediately knew that this was the right place for me. On my first day I was introduced to Annette Crandell who is one of the most wonderful and dynamic people I have ever met. She has provided me with skills that I will be able to use for my whole life and she has helped me and worked very closely with me.
Everyday at WIZO is an inspiring day, each day we help people who are in need. All the people that I’ve met here at WIZO have been the most dedicated and caring people.  I was only able to work for WIZO for a short two months but everything that I have seen here has really changed me for the better. I hope one day to be as dedicated as all the people that I’ve met. I learned that WIZO is involved in so many different projects such as their: women’s centers, day care centers and their after school programs.  I was so happy to be able to experience first hand what WIZO is all about. I was given a chance to visit one of their day cares in Tel Aviv and all my hard work had come to life. Seeing the day care and the workers really showed me what WIZO can do some much for the needy. I also was able to visit a WIZO center that provides a variety of activities for men and women of all ages. Everyday WIZO helps and changes many people’s lives.  I feel that I was able to make a little bit of an impact with the projects that I worked on. I wrote many budget proposals and new project proposals and also many articles.

I cannot thank Esther, Annette, Monique and Mali enough for making my time with WIZO’S Fundraising Division truly amazing.  Working for WIZO has really made my time here in Israel wonderful and inspiring. I have also always wanted to work with a Jewish organization and having this experience has really meant the world to me.


Samantha Mendlow-Canada