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Sarah Adler

Sarah Adler

After spending a month in Israel in early 2009 with Taglit Birthright Israel, I knew that after graduating from New York University in the Fall of 2009, my next stop would be an extended stay in Israel. Through MASA’s OTZMA Program, I first taught English for eight months in Ashkelon and Emek Hefer and then came to the World WIZO Fundraising Department as an Intern. My time here has been unimaginably enjoyable. It is rare, in life, to work with people that do nothing but inspire you, who you can look up to but also feel comfortable amongst, and here at WIZO the work environment is that ideal. From day one, I was given tasks that are both suited to my English degree and interesting on a Zionist and philanthropic level. My work was always appreciated and, unique to this internship, I felt like a real part of the WIZO Fundraising team. I was brought to beautiful events and learned about many of the amazing WIZO projects that make such a difference in this country that I hold so close to my heart. I've always felt connected to the Jewish community and culture, but never as much as I do in Israel, and never as much as I have in the WIZO office.

I am so thankful for the opportunities I was given with the World WIZO Fundraising Department – opportunities to use my skills, to see the inner workings of an outstanding organization, and a warm work environment in which to thrive. Through my time here I have a greater understanding of how a philanthropic organization works and all the efforts put forth to make Israel a better place with the help of countless people around the globe. Thank you to Annette, Mickey, and Esther for being such wonderful people and such an inspiring and beautiful part of my year in Israel.


Sarah Adler-USA