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Tanya Schneider

Tanya Schneider

I volunteered as an intern in the World WIZO fundraising department for 2 months in between semesters while studying at Tel Aviv University. I knew that during this vacation from my studies I wanted to become more involved in an aspect of Israeli society which I had not yet experienced. After getting connected to WIZO through my program at TAU I was immediately excited and curious about the opportunity.

The two months were a very rewarding experience. I worked with the entire fundraising department, becoming educated and involved with the work they did each day. The office was always busy with work, phone calls, and visitors. I quickly found my place in the flow of the office and found it to be very interactive and challenging.

A very special part of WIZO for me was the international community that constantly surrounds you. Each day I was surrounded by so many different languages – Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and more. Each day I worked with WIZO projects supported by federations all over the world and suddenly found myself knowledgeable about WIZO presidents and chairpersons from every federation.
All of the work I did which also included attending many unique WIZO events and project sites provided me with a clear understanding of the importance of WIZO. Each day I was able to watch WIZO make a difference in the lives of Israeli’s everywhere. Each day I was able to witness people from all over the world trust WIZO with their donations, sure that it will be put to good use.

Now that the experience has ended I know that it will not be my last time being involved with WIZO. Currently pursuing a degree in Women’s Studies, I am very interested in working in the non-profit sector of society in the future. I look forward to allowing this internship to give me opportunities in this field. The connections I made with the women in the Fundraising Department were very real and through their constant encouragement I always felt at home and part of the WIZO family.

Tanya Schneider – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada