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Gaia Livoli

Gaia Livoli

My name is Gaia Livoli from Rome, and I am a political science major at Sapienza University of Rome. In 2016, I spent a year in Israel learning about its unique melting pot of cultures and I knew that one day I would come back.

Looking for potential internships in Israel, I stumbled across WIZO which interested me because of the organization's devotion to troubled women and teens in Israel. I interviewed with Annette Crandell, WIZO’s Internship Program Supervisor, and immediately felt welcomed and encouraged. I knew WIZO was where I wanted to be!

From my first day interning in the External Relations Division, I experienced a lively and patient learning environment. WIZO’s dedication to the equality of women motivated me every day of my internship to focus on the tasks I was given and has helped me understand the critical situation of women in society. The highlights of my experience include visits to WIZO's youth villages, volunteering in a day care center during the Covid office lockdown, and participating in WIZO’s panel for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

This internship was my first office job, and I am indebted for the guidance, experience and the trust WIZO gave me. I always thought myself incapable of initiating change, yet WIZO has shown me firsthand the power of working diligently in conjunction with thousands of others around the world, together striving for the same goals. Thank you WIZO for this wonderful internship opportunity!