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Molly Greenholz

Molly Greenholz

My name is Molly Greenholz, I am from New York and I am currently studying health and society at the University of Vermont.

I have been to Israel before and did more of the tourist activities. I knew that I wanted to return to Israel and stay for a longer period of time. Instead of being a tourist again I wanted to be a part of Israeli society. Interning in WIZO’s External Relations Division allowed me to get a better idea of how Israeli society operates not just in a professional environment, but culturally as well.

WIZO has a plethora of projects that assist people who need it the most, including day care centers and youth villages. There were four youth villages that I was able to visit during my time at WIZO but one that stood out to me the most was Gan Vanof. Gan Vanof is a school for children who come from difficult backgrounds. I spent much of my time at WIZO writing about Gan Vanof and how the different programs had positive effects of the children. Being able to visit Gan Vanof was very rewarding because I focused on that youth village the most while at WIZO. It was gratifying to see that what I had been writing about be implemented. Visiting Gan Vanof showed me how WIZO’s work is translated into the real world.

My time at WIZO has been an amazing experience. I know that what I do in the office will have a positive affect on others. Thank you WIZO for this experience, I have gained many valuable skills in my two months here that I do not think I would have gained elsewhere. I will be spreading the word about WIZO back home so others are aware of the wonderful work that they do. Thank you WIZO for an amazing experience.