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Sarah Lampert

Sarah Lampert

My name is Sarah Lampert, I am from Scarsdale NY, and I am a senior at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.

Unlike most interns who came through Masa or another internship program, I sought out WIZO specifically, because I am interested in non-profit work and specifically organizations that support women - and I wanted to spend my summer in Israel.

I really enjoyed my time interning in the fundraising department of World WIZO. I learned so much about fundraising, particularly how to write proposals and reports, and feel like I truly understand the organization and what WIZO does. The highlight of my summer experience was definitely the site visits. Although I only interned for two months, I was able to visit the Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village, the Givatayim Day Care Centre, the Beit Hakerem Vocational School and Day Care Centre, the Gina Fromer Shelter for Battered Women and their Children, and Ahuzat Yeladim Boarding School and Residential Home in Haifa.

While all of these projects are extremely special and gave me an insight into the truly amazing work that WIZO is able to accomplish on the ground, my favorite place to visit was Ahuzat Yeladim. It was my first visit, and I sat and listened to the director, Yossi Saragossi, speak about the hard yet inspiring work that he does every day. Ahuzat Yeladim is a boarding school for children who have experienced extreme emotional trauma and have been referred by a hospital. Despite the terribly difficult backgrounds, the children are able to turn their lives around, and are given unique opportunities to become valued members of society. I feel so lucky to have visited such an important WIZO project.

Interning at WIZO was a truly inspiring experience, and I am extremely thankful to Annette Crandell and the entire Fundraising department for that. I am confident that I have now become an advocate for the work that WIZO does back in the US, and I look forward to my future involvement.


With fellow World WIZO intern Shayna Yallaly at the Rebecca Sieff Centre for the Family in Jerusalem

Thank you, World WIZO!

Sarah Lampert – Scarsdale, NY