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Shayna Yallaly

Shayna Yallaly

My name is Shayna Yallaly. I am from Denver, Colorado and attend university in Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University.

I came to work in Israel through a summer internship program. I am interested in working in the non-profit sector, specifically with women and youth education. I found WIZO and told my coordinator, and she connected me with Annette Crandell from the World WIZO Fundraising Division who is in charge of internships. After our first conversation, I knew I was going to enjoy working at this organization for the summer, and I was not wrong.

Throughout the summer, I learned so much about working in a non-profit and fundraising, as well as about different lives in Israel. It was truly amazing to get to experience, and play a small part, in the huge impact WIZO is making throughout Israel. Going on site visits and seeing this impact first hand was so crucial to making my experience what it was. One of these visits was to Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village, where I got to explore the campus with donors from the US, and even got the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the youth from the village. Learning about their stories, and the change Nachlat Yehuda had on their lives, made the work I was doing feel so rewarding. Playing with the animals was just an added bonus.


Making a new friend at the animal center of a WIZO youth village

Overall, interning at World WIZO was amazing. I am so thankful for everyone in the fundraising department, especially Annette Crandell, for welcoming me and making me part of the team for these past two months. I look forward to seeing their continued success in the future, and grateful I could be a part of it while I was here.

Thank you, World WIZO!

Shayna Yallaly  – USA