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Thatcher Cord

Thatcher Cord

My name is Thatcher Cord, I am from New York and I am currently studying political science at the University of Central Florida.

I always thought Israel was an incredible place, and knew for a long time I wanted to come to Tel Aviv and participate in an internship program. At school I am the fundraising chairman for my student organization, which is why I wanted to work for a non-profit organization this summer. After hearing the incredible work that WIZO does for Israeli society I knew it would be an excellent place to learn and grow.

My time at WIZO has been amazing. Every day is something different and exciting, which exposed me to many different aspects of the work that WIZO does, as well as the countless projects WIZO has in Israel. Throughout the summer I was able to make a few different site visits to different projects across Israel. The most memorable experience I had was visiting the WIZO Nachlat Youth Village. It was really interesting to see how impressive the youth village was and how much these youth villages have to offer to the youth of Israel.

I have grown a lot through the work I have done here at WIZO. It is incredibly rewarding to know the work I have done here has a real effect on different projects and people throughout Israel. Thank you World WIZO for an incredible learning experience and trusting me with such important work. I plan to bring the knowledge and skills I have learned here to wherever I may go next, and cannot wait to tell everyone back in the US about the wonderful organization that WIZO is.