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Valeria Koslova

Valeria Koslova

My name is Valeria Koslova, I am originally from Germany and the Ukraine, and last year I moved to Israel to do my MA in Political Science & Communication at Tel Aviv University.

At the end of my studies, I decided to stay in Israel and learn more about Israeli society and NGO work here. Knowing WIZO from my hometown in Germany, I was always fascinated by the countless amazing projects they develop to empower youth, and the powerful sense of community WIZO creates across the globe. And last, but certainly not least, I admire all the women (and men) who have, and still, put all their passion and efforts into building up this amazing organization.

As a summer intern in the World WIZO Fundraising Division, I worked closely with the Deputy Director of the division, Annette Crandell. The work was dynamic and fast-paced. I learned that the Fundraising Division is the main point of contact between the various WIZO facilities in Israel such as day care centres, boarding schools, women’s shelters, etc., and the WIZO federations around the world, who fundraise for these projects. Based on this, my tasks included drafting funding proposals, reporting to donors, and assisting in various activities to within the Fundraising Division’s workflow. While I had limited understanding of fundraising before arriving at WIZO, the internship allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge and skills that I will definitely utilize in the future.

Annette introduced me to the work of WIZO, and always made sure that I was always learning something new. This contributed to a very meaningful internship in a warm and welcoming atmosphere where people are passionate about their work.

The experience at WIZO truly encouraged me to continue along this path.

Thank you World WIZO, and the Fundraising Division, for such a meaningful and inspiring internship.