My WIZO Experience


My WIZO Experience

Yonatan Sredni, World WIZO's Head of English Content, sums up three years of learning, living, and loving WIZO

Raquel Ware, a young Jewish South African living and working in Australia, shares her wonderful experiences voluntarily tutoring at WIZO Pardes Katz.

Inspired by the dedication of a new dormitory at one of WIZO's youth villages, Yonatan Sredni, Head of English Content in World WIZO's Marketing & PR Division, connects the holiday of Sukkot with the theme of "home" in this blog post which was published on The Times of Israel.

Marië Joshua-Querido, AVIV's representative for WIZO Belgium-Luxembourg, shares her experience participating in the International Women's Day conference at the European Union Parliament

Doing a year of national service before being inducted into the IDF, Dekel Shaki, shares his challenges and successes volunteering at WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim, a boarding school for children at the far end of the at-risk spectrum

Inspired by her participation in the just completed WIZO Aviv 2018 Young Leadership Mission, Marië Joshua-Querido took her social activism and love for Israel to the next level by volunteering for the IDF with Sar-EL

Emma Pearlman, a WIZO intern from the UK, shares her wonderful experiences visiting WIZO's Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village

Emma Pearlman, a WIZO intern from Essex, UK, shares her wonderful experiences from volunteering at WIZO's Beit Peru Comprehensive Day Care Center in Jaffa on Israel's annual Good Deeds Day.

Emma Pearlman, a WIZO intern from Essex, UK, writes about her experiences working in World WIZO's Fundraising Divison and shares her impressions from a recent visit to the WIZO Beit Hakerem Secondary Vocational School in Jerusalem.

Daphne Freucht's Story

November 11, 2014

Meet Daphne Freucht, 34,President of Young WIZO, Vienna, Austria. Daphne organizes youth visits to concentration camps and has volunteered with WIZO for four years.