Day Care Centers


The infant and toddler years are the most formative of childhood. Delayed development, unmet needs, or suppressed growth can negatively affect a child’s abilities for years to come.

WIZO believes in giving each child the very best start in life and does so for every one of the 12,000 children in its 167 day care centers across the country.

The price of day care is often too high to make it worth a mother returning to work. This is especially true for children from low socio-economic backgrounds where a mother will choose to save the money and keep the child at home. As a result, the child may not get the educational and social stimulation he needs for his age and the mother will not re-enter the workforce, losing her salary and lowering her future earning potential.

WIZO’s Day Care Centers
WIZO offers full day care so that parents can go to work knowing their children are in the best hands possible. The day care centers are priced so that mothers can go to work and provide vital financial support for their families. Children of all backgrounds spend their days in a warm loving environment with all they need to thrive and grow. The children gain developmental skills, get warm, nutritious meals, excellent education, play time and any therapies that may be needed.

WIZO seeks to maintain its high standard of care and professionalism in its current day care centers and to continue to invest in its children, the future of Israel, by opening additional centers around the country.


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