Free Parents Help Line for Early-Age Children

Parenting is extremely challenging. Children are not born with instruction manuals and even the most educated and aware parents can easily find themselves overcome with the decisions, choices, and challenges they face daily.

Without WIZO
Parents without proper guidance in child rearing can easily become overwhelmed. They can make less than ideal choices, or even unintentionally harm their children. Not knowing how to deal with or relate to their children could even damage the parent-child relationship.

The Early Age Division in WIZO offers a Help Line to all Israeli parents. A call to trained staff can alleviate anxieties, assist with decisions and clarify situations. Counselors help improve the relationship between parents and children, provide effective coping methods and suggestions for a wide range of developmental and behavioral problems. At the same time, counselors give parents support and build their confidence in their parenting skills. The phone call is anonymous and all advice is given by professional volunteers. The Help Line also assists parents in dealing with the anxieties of their children during times of war and stress in Israel.

Why We Need You
WIZO is looking to expand the activities of the Help Line and to open more centers in order to provide further assistance to Israeli parents.

Other activities

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