Therapeutic Centers for Children at Risk

In the past years, the number of children who suffer from malnutrition, physical and emotional abuse has grown to hundreds of thousands.

Difficult to hear and hard to believe, hundreds of thousands of children in Israel are at extreme risk and suffer from various levels of malnutrition, physical and emotional abuse.

Without WIZO
With no one to help these children lead a healthy lifestyle and stay in school, they will ultimately end up on the streets, without warm meals, education or hope for a future.

WIZO has responded to this social need by providing frameworks that address the welfare, education, and development of Israel’s children at risk. WIZO’s 27 Therapeutic Centers are where WIZO professionals and volunteers provide care and assistance for 500 elementary school children from dysfunctional homes. They receive hot meals, tutoring assistance, enrichment programs and positive social activities after school until the evening. All of this gives them what they do not get at home and assists them in closing the educational and social gaps between themselves and their peers.

Why We Need You
Our expertise in holistic therapy has resulted in a growing number of requests for child placement at WIZO facilities by the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services. We want to expand this program to provide services for hundreds more youth throughout the country.

Other activities

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