Desk of Anita


Desk of Anita

I am delighted to welcome each and every one of you, my WIZO sisters from around the world, to Israel – the beloved homeland of the Jewish people- and to our warm WIZO house, here, in Tel Aviv.

I was delighted to take part in creating this special link between our Hungarian Chaverot and our children of the Biranit Day Care Center, which is now sponsored by WIZO Hungary.

WIZO Israel held a special event for its volunteers, with more than 760 women from across Israel gathering together in Herzliya. I am so proud of these inspiring women who give so much of themselves for those whom we serve.

WIZO's Early Age Division organized a very successful conference for potential volunteers from across the country. Their campaign attracted 120 women from all over Israel for a special day that included a keynote speech by MK Gila Gamliel, Minister for Social Equality and a wonderful theater performance about volunteerism.

Every year, I join WIZO volunteers and staff from across the country for our Boker Tarbut (Cultural Morning) event, a chance to connect with both familiar and new faces from our many institutions and divisions and catch up on news relating to our important WIZO work.

A deeply moving ceremony with youths who made Aliyah alone and found a warm home here in Hadassim.

Day after day, we succeed in achieving more miracles, adding more light to the world, making it a better place.

Recently I travelled to northern Israel to CHW-WIZO.UK Nahalal Youth Village to meet the staff and see the youth village. There I was given a tour of the Robotics labs, saw and heard about the matters relating to the cowshed and met the junior high school students to hear about their social and learning experience at the school.

Seventy years ago, when the news broke out about the vote of the United Nations in favor of creating a Jewish State in Eretz Israel, thousands of women, children and men in the Yeshuv took to the streets to celebrate the historic day.