In this month’s edition of Straight Facts, we look at how Israel is helping Ukraine, debunk the accusations in the Amnesty International report, look forward to the future with the UAE and more!

In this issue we look at the role of the former Soviet Union in propagating the Apartheid analogy, comparisons between Ukraine and Palestinians and more.

In this rather bumper edition of Straight Facts, we explore how BDS is a colonialist project, investigate the circumstances around the Colleyville hostage taking, and ask why are Jews always the scapegoats and more.

In this edition of Straight Facts, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre shares their report on TikTok, we ask if it has become “in Vogue” to hate Israel amongst young Jews, investigate European funding for Palestinian NGO’s linked to terror and more.

Straight Facts Volume #51

December 05, 2021

In this edition of Straight Facts we look at Israel’s plans to lead in the fight against Climate Change, celebrate the one year anniversary of the Abraham Accords, hear from an inspirational Holocaust survivor and more.

In this edition, we talk about US aid to Israel, the plight of the women in Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover, talk about the financial situation for Palestinians and more.

Straight Facts Volume #49

September 06, 2021

In this edition, we investigate antisemitism and incitement from UNRWA’s teachers, ask if Human Rights Watch is targeting Israel, and hear from a group of Iranian dissidents who visited Israel and more.

In this edition of Straight Facts, we dismantle the report from Human Rights Watch accusing Israel of Apartheid, hear from a left-leaning journalist who calls the comparison “disingenuous” and learn about Israel’s noble history of humanitarian aid and more.

In this edition of Straight Facts, we learn about Jewish refugees from MENA (Middle East and North African countries), hear from one of the most respected military voices why the assassination of Iran’s chief nuclear scientist may have saved countless lives, experience what 2020 has been like for Jewish students and more

Straight Facts Volume #42

November 22, 2020

In this edition of Straight Facts, we take a deep dive into the contents of the Abraham Accords, join a press conference with Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, learn more about identity politics from Bari Weiss and much, much more