Straight facts #1

February 18, 2016

The facts that you need to know! WIZO is committed to helping you to become great Ambassadors for Israel.
Edition #1

The vile comparison between Israel and Apartheid South Africa is often made by BDS and those who wish to de-legitimise the Jewish State. Hear from South Africans who say this lie will not prosper. 

An exceprt from an Israeli round-table news commentary show featuring the inspiring reaction of Israeli-Arab journalist Lucy Ahrish to the a wave of terror attacks that began in Oct. 2015

A short video featuring Colonel Richard Kemp, commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, who was present in Israel during its war against Hamas in 2014.

A short video featuring the amazing and multifarious achievements of the tiny State of Israel.

I don’t know about you but I am angry. Anti-Semitism has reached alarming levels on a global scale that we have not seen since pre-World War 2 and some of the invective is worthy of Der Sturmer circa 1938. From the United States to South Africa, France to Australia, Jews are being singled out for persecution.  Facebook has become a battlefield where the lines have become clearly demarcated and many can claim losing life-long “friends” due to differing opinions. Twitter has brought the worst out in twits who tweet nasty. Some twit called me “a bimbo who should change my handle to occupier Barbie”. Hey, I have been called worse! It is merely symptomatic of something far more nefarious.