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BDS Around the World - South Africa

The next chapter in an informative series about BDS

August 17, 2016
BDS Around the World - South Africa

The BDS movement manifests its activities in different ways. They have an innate ability to adapt their narrative and activities to the country that they are in. BDS feel a certain sense of pride in their activities and are not shy to boast about their plans.

Here is a glimpse of how BDS is manifesting around the world:

South Africa

South Africa has long been regarded as the birthplace or epicenter of the BDS movement. Officially launched at the 2001 UN Conference against Racism in Durban, South Africa, the home of Apartheid is hugely symbolic for the BDS movement, after all South Africa is viewed as the moral benchmark by which racism is judged and the central charge against Israel is that it is an Apartheid state.

BDS is taking on an increasingly more polarising role in South African society, importing the conflict and exploiting the country’s past. Tactics have become “intimidatory and threatening to South African Jewry”. The ruling ANC party although supportive of a two State solution has in recent times welcomed Hamas, Hijacker Leila Khaled and other notorious terrorists and BDS supporters to the country. Hamas have been invited to open up an office. Support for BDS is exceptionally strong amongst South African trade unions.

Apart from the tense atmosphere on campuses around the country, over the last two years BDS supporters have physically disrupted concerts by Israeli artists, protested outside the South Africa-Israel Expo in March in which activists carried signs saying “Israel is the devil,” threw rocks and broke equipment and other activities. 


*This content was gathered and provided by Rolene Marks