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Straight Facts Volume #29

This edition of Straight Facts offers food for thought on how we present our case with Carly Pildis, an explanation of intersectionality and much more

July 31, 2019


Dear Chaverot

I hope this finds you well.  

It may be a sweltering summer in Israel but it brings with it many of our Chaverot from around the world who come to see our amazing projects! I cannot wait to see you all soon at the EGM but in the meantime, our passionate army of volunteers is out there, proudly advocating for Israel. 

To arm you with the facts, this month’s edition includes food for thought on how we present our case with Carly Pildis, we get to understand intersectionality and a whole lot more. 

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How to Talk about Israel and the Palestinians: 

Fewer subjects are as emotive as Israel and the conflict with the Palestinians. Many are passionate about the subject but do we do both sides justice by ignoring the nuance and complexities on both sides. Journalist Carly Pildis writes that perhaps it is time for people to listen to both sides rather than try and solve the conflict in this article: 


Blame by the numbers

Israel’s detractors often like to draw comparison with Apartheid South Africa and speak about cooperation between the two regimes during these dark years. However on closer inspection, trade between the two countries was miniscule compared to the Arab world. Rolene Marks looks at blame by the numbers: 


BDS Exposed: 

Neil Lazarus is an internationally acclaimed expert on issues in the Middle East and Public Diplomacy. In this blog post for The Times of Israel, Lazarus takes an in-depth look at BDS and exposes their anti-Semitic intentions: 


The Reut Institute’s Report on Intersectionality 

Intersectionality is more than just a buzzword – it is a phenomenon that is growing around the world and is impacting on how we present Israel – especially amongst students on campus. Israeli think tank, the Reut Institute, have put together this important strategic study that is useful for all of us: 


From Tragedy to Triumph 

We were all heartbroken to hear of the tragic shooting at Beit Chabad in Poway that claimed the life of Lori Marcus. The Rabbi of the synagogue, Yisroel Goldstein, addressed the UN General Assembly and shared these words of inspiration that were a triumph after such a tragedy: 


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