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Straight Facts Volume #31

This edition of Straight Facts includes an iside look at Israel Apartheid Week on campuses in South Africa; a chilling account of what university is like for progressive, Zionist students and much more.

October 23, 2019


Dear Chaverot

I hope this finds you well. We are counting down to the EGM in January and I look so forward to seeing many of you here in Israel.

One of the subjects that will be discussed is the challenges facing Jews around the world today as antisemitism continues to rise and take on various forms. One of the most worrying is campus antisemitism. In this edition of Straight Facts, we look at Israel Apartheid Week on campuses in South Africa; hear a chilling account of what university is like for progressive, Zionist students and more.

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Israeli Apartheid Week in South Africa:

It is the annual hate fest that winds its way across university campuses every year but IAW (Israel Apartheid Week) in South Africa is an entirely different entity. Known as the “ground zero” of the BDS movement, IAW in South Africa is intimidating – and sometimes even violent. Read more here:

The Functions of Antisemitism:

Ruth R. Wisse’s very academic study of antisemitism is illuminating and explains how antisemitism has functioned in changing societies. It is a long; but fascinating read:

A Student Speaks Out on Antisemitism on Campus:

Blake Flayton is a Sophomore at George Washington University. In this chilling account he explains that even as a progressive who is openly gay and supports many liberal causes, he is being sidelined and discriminated against because he is a Jew sho is also very proudly Zionist. This is the climate for many students on campus today. Read his article here:

Understanding Zionism

Often maligned and almost always misunderstood, the mention of the word Zionism is enough to raise the blood pressure of many. This often results in both pro and anti-Israel activists engaging in a battle of words. Rolene Marks examines Zionism a little closely in this op-ed:

Podcast: The Story of Mizrahi Jews and the Founding of Israel

Matti Friedman, shares the fascinating story of the role of Mizrahi Jews in the founding of the State of Israel. It is enthralling and fascinating from a master story teller. Please take some time to listen:

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