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Straight Facts Volume #32

This edition of Straight Facts includes Rolene's piece on ways to engage on social media, an insightful article about the remarkable IDF unit EITAN (the "Department of Lost Spies"), and a special interview with the Mayor of Bal Harbor, Florida, Gabe Groisman on his fight against antisemitism & BDS.

November 28, 2019


Dear Chaverot

I hope that this finds you well. After an electric election season, we now approach the start of a new year and I would like to take this opportunity not just to wish you everything of the best for a productive and abundant 5780 but to also thank you, my dearest Chaverot for all of your support.

In this edition of Straight Facts, Bari Weiss weighs in on why Jews are being left out of progressive causes, Imam Tawhidi shares his story. Mayor Gabe Groisman is interviewed and more.

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I wish you and your families L’Shana Tovah Umetukah – May you be inscribed for a sweet year.

May 5780 bring with it health, prosperity and blessings in abundance for you and your families. May our WIZO work for our beloved State of Israel be blessed.

I hope this is of service to you.

Warm regards, 

Rolene Marks 

World WIZO Executive: Public Diplomacy & Hasbara: Office of the Chairperson

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The Subtle Antisemitism of Progressives

In order to be welcomed as a Jew in a growing number of progressive groups, you have to disavow a list of things that grows longer every day. Whereas once it was enough to criticize Israeli government policy, specifically its treatment of Palestinians, now Israel’s very existence must be denounced. Author of the book “How to Fight Antisemitism”, Bari Weiss writes more:

First Do No Harm

It is important to engage on social media platforms and be engaged BUT the how we do it is so important. At a time when antisemitism is rising around the world and many of us feel vulnerable; afraid and attacked (especially by trolls who hide behind the anonymity of a keyboard) is the right response to be as aggressive and abusive? Rolene Marks thinks perhaps before we comment we should consider who or what we could be harming: 

The Department of Lost Spies 

The IDF prides itself that one of the sacred tenets of the army is that they leave no man behind. To this end, there is a special unit that goes by the acronym, EITAN but did you know that they are still researching and looking for soldiers missing since 1948. Renowned journalist, Matti Friedman writes more: 

From Extremist to Activist Against Antisemitism: 

He is known as the “Imam of peace” on social media but how did Imam Tawhidi go from Iranian-indoctrinated extremist and anti-Semite to being a frontline activist against growing antisemitism? You can read a little taste of his story here: 

Interview with Mayor of Bal Harbor, Gabe Groisman 

Eve harrow sits down with a real MIZO (man of WIZO) and Mayor of Bal Harbor, Gabe Groisman (who is also the son of Judit Groisman, Co-President of WIZO USA) and hears about his fight against antisemitism, BDS and the importance of standing proud. 

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