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Straight Facts Volume #35

In this edition of Straight Facts we look at the we look at how antisemitism existed before Auschwitz, examine Holocaust medicine and much more

March 12, 2020


Dear Chaverot

I hope that this finds you well! We have all returned from the EGM reinvigorated and inspired and despite it only being March, it seems that this has already been a busy year!

By the time you receive this, we will have voted in our third election in the space of a year – democracy so good, we have done it three times! We hope that a permanent government will be in place so we can get on with important budgets and business. Israel like many countries, is taking great precautions over the threat posed by COVID19 (Coronavirus) but with all this going on, we still keep on working hard – doing what matters!

In this edition of Straight Facts, we look at how antisemitism existed before Auschwitz, examine Holocaust medicine and so much more.

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Antisemitism Preceded Auschwitz

It has often been said that Auschwitz was built on words before there were gas chambers. Antisemitism did not begin and sadly it did not end with the Holocaust. This ancient hatred has existed for centuries. Sara J. Bloomfield writes more in this article:

Palestinians Must Change Political Strategy

The peace plan proposed by the United States has been praised and damned in line with political affiliation. But no matter what plan is put forward, the Palestinians must change their strategy. Otherwise, the pattern of recent decades, in which every new offer is worse than the last, will be repeated. Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair says this and more in his article:

When Healers Became Killers

Holocaust medicine is a massive area of study. Did you know that medicine was the first profession where the Nazis pushed their racist ideology? 75 years after the Holocaust, Dr Tessa Chelouche, examines the importance of Shoah education in the field of medicine:

The New Antisemites

This new report, endorsed by 25 pro-Israel organizations, highlights approximately 100 individual instances of vile antisemitism perpetrated by American BDS organizations, leaders, and activists. It also provides evidence that their delegitimization campaign against Israel is an enormous factor towards the alarming rise of antisemitism in America. Read the report here:

Listen: Defining Antisemitism in France and More!

Antisemitism is rising around the world and is manifesting in various forms in different countries. This podcast looks at how we can define antisemitism in France and also look at the situation for many refugees around the world. A refugee from Syria explains how he has found a deep respect for Israel:

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