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Straight Facts Volume #37

In this edition of Straight Facts we examine why Israel’s Covid 19 stats have been so good, Gen (res) Eliezer Shkedy talks about his four pillars of leadership, we meet El Al pilot Captain Ofer Aloni and more.

May 11, 2020


Dear Chaverot

I hope that this finds you safe and healthy. What we are all enduring as a global family is unprecedented and as we look forward to celebrating WIZO’s 100th birthday, we are confident that we will not only endure; but will come through this more united, dedicated and stronger than ever!

Israel is slowly waking up its economy now that Coronavirus numbers are declining. We are slowly returning to work, opening up our shops and restaurants and navigating this “new normal”. We are starting to recover – together!

In this edition of Straight Facts, we examine why Israel’s Covid 19 stats have been so good, hear from Gen (res) Eliezer Shkedy about his four pillars of leadership, meet El Al pilot, Captain Ofer Aloni and more.

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Is the Coronavirus Eroding our Memory of the Holocaust?

Coronavirus is taking so much from so many people. We have lost so many of our Holocaust survivors to this dreaded virus and with it an important link to the past. Read more here:

Will the Coronavirus Change the World Forever?

Internationally, many issues that appeared pressing prior to the pandemic will likely recede in prominence once the world begins its recovery. How will many global conflicts and hot spots look after the virus? Yaakov Peri, the former head of Shin Bet writes:

Why Are Israel’s Covid 19 Stats So Good?

Israel’s statistics with regards to Covid 19 have been quite amazing. With all of the challenges and unknowns that many countries have faced in the global fight against the corona pandemic, Israel is faring relatively well. Read more about it here:

No One Left Behind

We don’t leave anyone behind – whether it is on the battlefield or stranded during a crisis. Meet El Al pilot, Ofer Aloni, who recently flew to Peru and other countries to rescue stranded Israelis during the Corona crisis. He describes the very emotional, maiden flight to Peru:

General Shkedy Speaks about Leadership

Many of us heard the superb speech that Gen (res) Eliezer Shkedy, former commander of the Israeli Airforce, gave at the EGM in January. He made us laugh, he made us cry – he made us burst with pride. Here is a very similar speech about General Shkedy’s four pillars of leadership. It is in Hebrew with English subtitles but well worth the watch!

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