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Sponsor a child - Caring for the children of Israel

WIZO helps children – in every way they need, in every way we can.

February 16, 2017

There are 400,000 infants and children at risk in Israel. These are children whose parents don’t provide them with the basics of food, clothes, or a safe place to live. Children fleeing abusive homes with their mothers. Babies and toddlers with no one at all to care for them. Children with emotional, social and educational problems, many of whom live in physical danger.

Through our nationwide network of day care centers, emergency and foster care services, and women’s shelters, WIZO offers expert care and a loving embrace to thousands of children, every day.

So many children in Israel need WIZO. Your gift to Sponsor a Child means a better future for more children.

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Sponsor A Child Projects:

WIZO day care centers

Affordable childcare doesn’t have to compromise on quality. We allow mothers to go to work, knowing that their children are in the best possible hands. 

WIZO’s day care centers provide:

  • Full day care
  • Trained and experienced caregivers
  • Hot nutritious meals
  • Childhood development programs to develop cognitive and physical aptitude

Comprehensive Care for Infants and Toddlers

Children at risk doesn’t always mean not loved. Sometimes parents just don’t have the time, money or energy. Sometimes they just need a little extra help…

WIZO’s Comprehensive Day Care Centers provide:

  • A home-away-from-home for 800 severely at-risk children every year
  • All the basic physical, emotional and developmental needs of children aged 0-3
  • Expert therapeutic care for the infants and toddlers
  • For the parents: counselling and parenting courses
  • Extended hours – 7 am to 7 pm

Foster Homes

It’s not just about having a home. It’s about having a family to come home to...

WIZO’s 12 foster homes provide:

  • A long-term, stable family home
  • All basic needs, including meals, clothes, school books, and more
  • Intensive long-term treatment by psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers
  • Educational support – individual tutoring, extracurricular activities
  • For foster parents: all the support they require, including psychologists, social workers and other professional

WIZO Emergency Centers

When children have suffered intolerable abuse, when they are lost and broken, we can help them.

WIZO’s Emergency Centers provide:

  • ‘First-Aid’ medical, emotional and trauma treatment
  • Around-the-clock care by an extensive team of professionals
  • Secure, secret locations
  • Dedicated caregivers for each child
  • Individual rehabilitation programs

Shelters for Battered Women and their Children 

When they fleefrom a violent home, we are there for them, giving tham a safe haven and a new beginning.

WIZO’s women’s shelters provide:

  • A comfortable living unit for each family
  • Round-the-clock counselling and psychological treatment
  • Care for 100 children each year
  • Educational assessments and tutoring for each child
  • A kindergarten for children aged 0-3 living at the shelter
  • Afternoon and weekend activities and excursions

Therapeutic After-School Centers

You’d be amazed how great a child can feel when their tummy is full, their homework is done and they’re getting a little attention…

WIZO’s Therapeutic After-School Centers provide:

  • Two hot meals every day
  • Educational and developmental support to reduce learning gaps
  • Excursions and enrichment programs
  • Emotional, psychological, and social support
  • Counselling to strengthen relationship with parents
  • Group therapy to help fathers and mothers improve their parenting skills