WIZO in the press


WIZO in the press

The award recognizes WIZO's vital contribution to the State of Israel and its people in education and women's empowerment towards an equal society for the last 100 years since WIZO was founded.

Avishai Smadja, a graduate of WIZO Hadassim, who came to study at the youth village on the Na'aleh program, discovered and met his half-sister Yael Ben-Shoshan for the first time, at the IDF base they both serve at.

In an article on high schools offering unique study programs, Maariv profiles two WIZO Youth Villages: Gan Vanof and Nachlat Yehuda 

Teens who chose, by their own volition, to attend boarding schools and youth villages across Israel, including one at CHW Hadassim, talk with Ynet about how it came about, life sharing a room with other teens away from home and much more.

The following is an excerpt from Greef Fay Cashman's Jerusalem Post "Grapevine" column on the pre-Passover visit of 20 fashion models from the ITM agency to a WIZO women's shelter

In March, UK Jewish News journalist Louise Scodie visited a WIZO women's shelter with the WIZO UK's Chairperson's Mission. In this report, she shares one women's story of how the WIZO shelter helped turn her life around.

Haggai Ben-Avraham was a troubled and violent youth who bounced around from one institution to another - until he was finally given a chance. Today he is achieving great results as prinicipal at WIZO's Nachalat Yehuda Youth Village. Yisrael Hayom, Israel's most widely read daily newspaper, shares his story.

Ahead of International Women’s Day, WIZO released its annual ranking of the most sexist commercials in Israel of the last year - and decade

Greer Fay Cashman's Grapevine column in the Jerusalem Post covers the people making news in Israel's social circles

Recent graduates of the Anières Elite Academy at the CHW Nahalal Youth Village, a program for exceptional high school students who learn science, technology, engineering and math and continue their studies at the Technion, share with The Jewish Press how the program impacted their lives