Complete Rehabilitation for the most at-risk families

When parents cannot give their children the care and support they need, these children are at immediate and severe disadvantage.  Every life challenge will be harder, every goal less attainable, any self -confidence hard to find.

Without WIZO

Children from dysfunctional families often do not have the support, structure, or even basic needs that enable normal development. Without intervention their chances of becoming well-adjusted, productive members of society are near to zero. They and their own children are at high risk of suffering from the same maladjustment, poverty, neglect, and abuse as their parents.


WIZO's Multi Purpose Day Care Centers provide an environment in which parents and children can create better relationships, where children are provided with basic physical and emotional needs. At the same time, staff at the centers work to rehabilitate the parents and provide them with parenting skills. The Multipurpose Day Care Centers run in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Affairs and social services.

Our centers are open from 7am-7pm, the children get hot lunch and go home after supper. WIZO’s highly specialized staff works to ensure a bright future for these children by providing the needs and therapies he or she needs to develop normally. The academic and therapeutic program at the center is of the highest caliber and aims towards the full development of each child while providing essential love and support.

Each family receives a customized rehabilitation program, with the aim of getting them to become fully functional and stable. This program includes parental skills workshops, employment training, counseling, and support groups. By treating the entire family, WIZO removes the children from the ‘at risk’ category and gives them the same opportunities and options as all children, enabling them to be productive, healthy, empowered citizens in this generation and beyond. 

Why We Need You

The Multipurpose Day Care Centers are in great demand and at full capacity. WIZO is raising funds to build more facilities so more families can be treated. 

“WIZO Day Care didn’t just take care of our child for us, they taught us how to care for her and support her ourselves. Without WIZO Day care I don’t know what would have happened to us.”
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