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Daddy’s Ray of Sunshine

October 14, 2018
Daddy’s Ray of Sunshine

When Motti’s wife, Lisa, died just six months after diagnosis from a very aggressive form of hereditary cancer that had robbed her of her own mother, he felt so alone and helpless. His only comfort was their beautiful young daughter, Moran. He would hug her closely and spend lonely hours in the middle of the night just watching her sleep. She became his whole world. 

But how could he look after her and hold down his job at the same time? The family had recently purchased their very own apartment, and Motti worked long hours to pay the mortgage.

It seemed like only yesterday when Motti and his wife Lisa had enrolled their baby Moran at a WIZO Day Care Center. Lisa had been excited at the thought of being able to return to work as a dental nurse and when she did, she was happy knowing that Moran was being so well cared for. 

When Lisa became too sick to take care of Moran and Motti, the director of the day care center arranged help for the family and when Lisa died, Motti knew on whose shoulder to cry. The director, and staff as well as other parents from the day care center formed a support system on which the family could depend. 

The day care center director also persuaded Motti to have Moran tested for the cancer gene, and even took the little girl herself as Motti just could not face the ordeal.

I was too scared of a bad result,” he said.

Thankfully, Moran did not have the defective gene that had killed both her mother and maternal grandmother.

Motti says, “I do not have enough words to convey how grateful I am. The support I received from all the day care center staff was above and beyond expectations. It was as if they were acting on Lisa’s instructions. They knew just what to do.”

It was this support system that Motti relied upon to get him through those first months, and the advice and assistance he received proved to be invaluable in practical as well as financial terms.

Now Motti can concentrate fully on his career knowing his beautiful Moran (who, by the way looks a lot like her late mother) is hugged, fed and doted upon by the loving staff at the WIZO Day Care Center.

When Motti collects Moran at the end of his working day, he is greeted with a broad smile that both warms and breaks his heart at the same time.

She’s my little ray of sunshine,” he says, “and she loves to sing the songs she learns at day care. She sings them just for me.”

(Names changed to preserve anonymity) 

(Photo for illustration purposes only)