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Ilana Gives Back

February 03, 2019
Ilana Gives Back

It is my way of showing gratitude, and in doing so, I am rewarded even more,” says Ilana, whose son, Ben, was diagnosed with special needs during a routine early age assessment at the WIZO Day Care Center that he attends. Ilana explained, “I thought he was just naughty, he had tantrums. He refused to eat and I could barely cope with him. It was as if everything we were doing for him was wrong but everyone said it was just a phase he was going through, and I always thought it would pass after he grew past the ‘terrible twos’ age.

But staff and caregivers at Ben’s WIZO Day Care Center knew better. As a result of the diagnosis, WIZO’s special education therapists devised a program of specialized treatment for Ben, both in day care and at home. Slowly, but surely there was a marked improvement in his behavior.

“I would go into the Day Care Center to take part in the sessions and it was wonderful to see Ben responding. It was like magic. That was when I knew that WIZO had saved my child and my own sanity! I just knew that I had to share that joy, and so I retrained to become a care giver.

Today, I work at the very same WIZO Day Care Center. Now, I am part of that magic. I love every one of those little children like my own. The tools I received have also helped me personally as a mother to Ben and  his sisters. Just like Ben, every child is special.

(Names changed to preserve anonymity) 

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