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November 05, 2014

“I was abused by my father and ignored by my mother, but l found a family and a future with WIZO.”

For children whose parents do not care for them as they should, WIZO’s youth villages provide them with a home, a family and a future.

Mell, a young boy full of life and love, did not understand why those meant to cherish and support him had abandoned him instead. Lacking love and guidance, Mell failed at school and was expelled.  He was then thrown out of his home. Mell soon realized that if he wanted a life he would need to build it himself. He wanted to ‘be someone’ but had no idea where to turn or what framework would take in a boy like him.

One day, on Facebook, Mell found his answer.  An ad for the WIZO Nir HaEmek Police Academy showed him the kind of structured, yet warm and accepting environment he felt he could thrive in. The Academy offers academic courses, social and recreational skills, and is filled with other young men and women just like him. Mel grabbed his chance and never looked back.