Women’s Rights

Single Parent Family Centers

There are over 130,000 single parent families in Israel. In 95% of these families, the lone parent is the mother.
For these mothers, the normal challenges of raising and supporting a family are doubled, as they are filling the role of two parents.

Many of these women and their children wind up falling between the cracks. Too ashamed to go to welfare because of the stigma, they do not receive the assistance the family so desperately needs. 

Without WIZO

Single mothers are left to face the challenges of supporting themselves and their children on their own. The loss of a spouse, the difficulties of divorce, can have many adverse effects on the mothers and children. The children are at risk of failure and the mother face insurmountable challenges without support. Often these women lack the skills and tools to plan for a stable future.


WIZO’s 22 centers for single parent families, run in conjunction with municipal social services and the Ministry of Welfare, show mothers that what they need to survive and thrive is in fact, within themselves. The program’s sessions center on building the social and parenting skills of the mothers and preparing them for independence and employment.

All throughout the process, WIZO women volunteer to mentor the mothers and become role models and teach them from their own life wisdom and experience.

Here, the mothers share the experience of rebuilding their lives with others who know what they are going through. The families who take part in the center’s programs come out stronger, more stable and with a clear path on how they will succeed financially, emotionally and socially.

Why we need you

Our centers currently assist 5,000 families. There is great demand for this program in all of our branches. With funding, WIZO can assist thousands more single mothers.

"Thanks to WIZO I started a small graphics business in my home. Now I can care for my children and support my family."
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