Women’s Rights

Violent Men’s Help Line

It is estimated that there are 200,000 battered women and 600,000 children who are exposed to domestic violence in Israel.  Most programs that aim to reduce domestic violence focus on removing the wife and children from the home. WIZO believes that it is possible to reduce domestic violence by treating the violent person himself and we are dedicated to doing so.

Without WIZO

A man who is violent and incapable of handling his emotions and frustrations in a nonviolent way, most often lashes out at those closest to him. The whole family suffers. The children develop emotional issues, often suffering in school and socially. The family unit is damaged. Without treatment, the violence continues and can even reoccur generationally.


WIZO runs the only help line of its kind in Israel to assist violent men in taking responsibility and getting the help they need. Many violent men do not want to be abusive, but lack the tools they need to deal with their anger in nonviolent ways. The advice hotline, staffed by trained volunteers, provides initial support and encouragement and guides the men towards the best next step towards complete support. The anonymous nature of the hotline allows for men to call without the fear of stigma.

Why We Need You

WIZO wants to expand the hours of operation in order to help more men overcome their violent tendencies and prevent the disintegration of families. 

"I was alone with my anger and had no where to turn. Calling the hotline gave me the first step to change my ways and have better communication with my family."
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