Women’s Rights

Women’s Unlimited Potential Program (UP)

Women comprise 68% of those living under the poverty line in Israel. Since many of these women are unemployed, integrating them into the workforce is an urgent need. WIZO's employment programs give women the opportunity to break free from the chains of poverty by gaining the technical skills and qualifications required in today's workplace. 

Without WIZO

Women living on the fringes of Israeli society are brought up with traditional notions of gender inequality. These women aren’t even aware that they can, and should, be treated equally. Without intervention, they will not receive the education and support that they need to succeed academically and professionally. They will remain undereducated, unemployable, and poor.


Since education serves as a powerful agent for social change, WIZO has designed several empowerment programs for unemployed women. The UP Program, operating throughout the country, is an excellent example of a partnership venture promoted by cooperation between the business sector (Microsoft), the government (Employment Services), and the Social Sector (WIZO). These three entities come together to promote the use of technological training to create social and economic opportunities that change lives, transform communities, and strengthen local economies.

The program focuses on teaching modern computer skills that are in demand in the work force while building the self confidence of each of the 1,400 participants. Partnering job placement agencies then help them find suitable employment. Since the program piloted in 2006, it has trained over 8,000 women from over 70 communities throughout Israel.

Why We Need You

We are looking to expand the program to enable an additional 250 women to enter the workforce and improve their lives.

"After my child was born, I was out of work for over a year. Thanks to UP, I qualified for and now succeed in my job as an administrator in City Hall."
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