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WIZO Center for the Treatment & Prevention of Violence

Domestic violence often destroys families. But it doesn’t have to. When the family can be helped and the abuser rehabilitated, WIZO steps in. This not only saves the family, but it prevents the abuse from continuing to the next generation.

Without WIZO

Families living with a violent father are at physical risk as well as risk for failure. Often, kids do not want to come home and cannot concentrate in school. They perform poorly academically and may develop a host of psychological and emotional issues. Without intervention, violence will continue, and the family will suffer.


WIZO’s three Centers for the Treatment and Prevention of Violence are dedicated to stopping acts of abuse and to help violent members of the family deal with difficulties in a non threatening way. The individual and group programs are run at the center while maintaining the family unit and eliminating violence. The staff includes social workers who specialize in anger management and the treatment of domestic violence as well as dedicated volunteers. The centers specialize in the effects of abuse on children and offer group and individual counseling for children. Our centers have saved hundreds of families from violence.

Why We Need You

WIZO needs additional funds in order to be able to save the families that turn to us.

“The house is so much calmer. We all work together to talk through the issues instead of screaming and yelling. It is a group effort but it works.”
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