Women’s Rights

Battered Women’s Shelters

There are at least 200,000 women living with abuse in Israel. Most of these women have no safe place to go. WIZO runs two shelters for battered women and their children to them from violent conditions.

Without WIZO

Women who have lived with abusive men are in acute danger of losing their lives. Every passing day, their children are at greater physical and psychological risk. Without a safe place to go and without intervention, it is a matter of time until they are irreversibly harmed.


WIZO’s shelters provide safety and security for women and children fleeing abusive men. The shelters accommodate families for a minimum of six months at a time. Children who come here are either witnesses to the abuse or have been abused themselves. Many have trauma from the events. A main goal of the shelters is to prepare the mothers and children for an independent and violence free life. To this end, the shelters provide group and individual therapies as well as tutoring to assist in any lack in studies. Mothers receive legal aid, therapy, and job training. 

Why We Need You

WIZO is currently raising funds to enhance the shelters’ Independence Programs which prepare women for the day after, when they leave the shelters for a new life.

"When I left the shelter I was stronger and more independent than ever. WIZO took me out of the darkness that was my life."
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