President Chela Elfman


The number of members grew accordingly with Jewish immigration before and after WW I, and on the eve of WWII. WIZO  Argentina became a center to receive and care for Hungarians, Russians, Sephardic people, groups from the East, Poles…who formed successful branches.

Since 2001, OSFA-WIZO Argentina has been carrying out its project Music and Solidarity which means great success and prestige for our institution. OSFA-WIZO Argentina has organized, patronized, and coordinated  four Concerts in Buenos Aires of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Zubin Mehta. OSFA-WIZO is extremely well positioned in its relationship with World WIZO, in the Argentinian Jewish community, and in the local socio-cultural sphere. OSFA-WIZO Argentina and the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires have a special covenant , declared of public interest, concerning orchestras made up of hundreds of children and adolescents from poor districts. 


Contribute to the cohesion of the Jewish community in Argentina, its right to assert its identity, live in liberty and dignity , get close to and establish dialogue with non-Jewish N.G.Os,  raise awareness of its duty towards Israel, help to construct  discourse against anti-Semitism. 

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Chela Elfman