President Paulette Cherny
Tel: 03 9272 5656

Message from the President

WIZO is a part of me. My 46+ year commitment has brought so much joy and reward to my life and I feel has helped mould me into the person I am today.  Being able to give as much as I can to our Israeli citizens and having the opportunity to see the difference we can make is an amazing privilege. Looking into the eyes of the children in our care in our Day Care Centres and that of their parents, watching the troubled youth we support, develop into sons and daughters we would all be proud of and being able to see the development of so many women who have been able to take their place in the workforce and become confident citizens, makes me more determined to continue with our WIZO work.  I so much enjoy collaborating with women from around the world by sharing ideas. Our WIZO women here in Australia work tirelessly to help fulfil the enormous need of the Israeli citizens in WIZO’s care in Israel.


Mrs. Rieke Cohen who can truly be called the pioneer of WIZO in Australia 1935. Mrs. Ida Bension visited Australia in 1937 as emissary of the World WIZO Executive and she brought about the creation of the Australian WIZO Federation on a firm basis. The first President was Mrs. Ruby Rich-Shalit.


To actively support WIZO’s Institutions services  in Israel in the fields:

  • Advancement of the status of women
  • Infant and child welfare
  • Education, vocational training and social activities for youth, women and senior citizens
  • Integration of immigrant women and their families into the life of the Country
  • Social and civic education


WIZO Australia is the largest Zionist Women’s Organisation in Australia represented in five states.
Our 4,000+ members help us support our 9 vital projects in Israel:

  • WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Residential school for troubled youth Haifa
  • Makom BaLev Centre for Girls at Risk Be’er Sheva
  • The Raya Jaglom Multipurpose Day Care Centre Tel Aviv
  • The Chorley Day Care Centre Ra’anana
  • The Shikun Mizrach Day Care Centre Rishon Le Tzion
  • The Rae & Tom Mandel Family Centre for Women & Children Modi’in
  • The Korsunski Youth Club Kfar Saba
  • The Aya Dinstein Women’s Centre Jerusalem
  • Hatzor Air Force Base Day Care Centres and Youth Club


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Paulette Cherny
President, WIZO Australia

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